Quality rooted in authenticity

In today's day and age, when technology has taken over many aspects of our lives, including food, the subject of quality brings us back to one of the most basic features of food - authenticity. In order to deliver food products, whether spices, chutneys or pickles, what is sought after after is the right aroma, texture and taste.

At PKM Foods, we make sure that the authenticity of raw materials is an integral part in maintaining the quality of food. Adding the aspects of hygiene and storage, we deliver the finest food quality.

Quality Policy

The quality policy at PKM Foods is a 3-tier system that takes care of end-to-end production of all the food products.


The most authentic and high quality raw materials are used, every single time, to ensure highest quality of food products as per international standards.


The actual process of production is carried out under the most hygienic conditions with a set of globally approved machinery to eliminate any external impurities.


Not only factory storage, but the packages for public consumption at homes and restaurants, are made from high-grade material that keeps the food products fresh and offers quality protection.

Authenticity Policy

At PKM Foods, we pride ourselves in delivering the assal Maharashtrian taste. This assal taste is a reflection of our painstaking efforts to make sure the authenticity of food products is not compromised, even minutely. For this, we address the source of our food products - the raw materials.

The raw materials, or ingredients as they are more popularly known, are put through strict scrutiny to preserve the authenticity of the end product. This process of identifying the best raw materials includes:

Identifying the best source of raw materials
Ensuring regular assessments of the source
Providing the best storage space