The traditional meal accompaniment made with the finest of ingredients, and recipes as old as our heritage.

Special Mango

Prakash Special Mango is a special pickle that is excitingly sour with the right amount of spice and a hint of sweet. It goes very well with snacks like theplas, thalipeeth, dhoklas, poha, upma, parat..

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Special Chilly Lime

A perfect blend of hot and tangy, Prakash Special Chilly Lime is sure to give your palate the taste of excitement. The nutrients in lime and chilly add zest to your life and help keep your overall wel..

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Special Mix

Prakash Special Mix Pickle, is a fine assortment of raw mangoes, limes and green chillies, mixed in the perfect proportions to electrify your meal. With Prakash Special Mix, you get the best of both w..

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Sweet Mango

While the people with a sweet tooth, a serving of this special Maharashtrian pickle is a perfect for any meal. be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a small bite after a meal, Prakash Sweet Mango Pickle g..

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Sweet  Lime

While too much tanginess can offend some people's palate, too much sweetness can override the taste of others. Prakash Sweet Lime Pickle is the perfect blend of the savoury sweet and the right lemon t..

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