Khandeshi Mutton Rassa Masala

For the people who really enjoy a good, hot and spicy meal, this is indeed a paradise.  From the region of Khandesh in Maharshtra, this zesty recipe is now a favourite across many regions across ..

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Khandeshi Shev Bhaji

A common preparation amongst folks of Khandesh, Maharashtra, where it originated, Shev Bhaji is perfect for when you want a change from your routine  veggies options. Tasty and filling, this meal..

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Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala

Known for its zesty and spicy flavours, Varhadi Mutton Rassa Masala is for a spirited palate. From the region of Vidharbha in Maharashtra, this fiery delicacy has won hearts over generations and is eq..

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