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Mutton Rassa masala

Enjoyed by millions across Maharashtra, Mutton Rassa Masala is a spicy and filling delicacy, usually enjoyed with bhakris or chapati/phulkas. With Prakash's Mutton Rassa Masala made of spices like pep..

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Misal Rassa Masala

A highly popular breakfast in Maharashtra, Misal is enjoyed with pav (bread). Packed with proteins and an exciting spicy taste, it is preferred as a brunch by many. Believed to have originated in the ..

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Chicken Rassa Masala

This tasty white meat delicacy from the kitchens of Maharashtra has multiple variations across different regions. But the one that is most sought after is the age old, authentic preparation made with ..

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Mutton Biryani Masala

Spicy and grainy, it makes for a delicious biryani feast in half the time.  This is a zesty preparation — made with assorted spices, ginger and chilli powder. However, the amount of spices used i..

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Akkha Masoor Masala

Masoor dal or whole brown lentils are a mildly spiced, thick, semi-dry preparation when made the Kolhapuri way. A mild aroma of coconut and coriander accompanies the tang of tomato to make this dish s..

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Bharli Vangi Masala

Bharli vangi or stuffed brinjals is a regular at Maharashtrian homes. This recipe is age-old and uses  ground nuts and sesame seeds. Sesame, coconut and our special spice blend come together to c..

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Anda Rassa Masala

A treat for eggetarians and non-vegetarians alike, Anda Rassa Masala is the go to for millions across Maharashtra. With Prakash Anda Rassa Masala you get the authentic Maharashtrian flavours to this e..

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Mix Veg Masala

Packed with all the goodness of various veggies this Maharashtrian way of preparation is a healthy choice for a square meal. Prakash Mix Veg Masala is perfect for this preparation as it extenuates the..

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Chicken Sukka Masala

This is a spicy, dry chicken dish with tangy, thick masala based gravy. The famous chicken curry comes out a winner among all those who love the heat of red chillies incorporated with a blend of rich ..

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Mutton Sukka Masala

A delicacy to be enjoyed as a starter or something to pair with other curries/gravy and bhakris or chapatis, mutton Sukka Masala is one read meat preparation, when made with Prakash Mutton Sukka Masal..

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Pandhra Rassa masala

This preparation is the white coloured, flavourful chicken/mutton gravy, a favourite of the Kolhapuris. With a creamy, stewy textur, pandhara rassa works equally well with both bhakri and rice. It’s t..

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Tambda Rassa Masala

This spicy stew preparation has sesame and poppy flavours infused with tangy tomato goodness. It lends itself brilliantly as an accompaniment to most meals. Perfect for winter evenings, this Kolhapuri..

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