Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor Masala

Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor Masala

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Preparation for a semi-dry, flavourful masoor preparation.

Masoor dal or whole brown lentils are a mildly spiced, thick, semi-dry preparation when made the Kolhapuri way. A mild aroma of coconut and coriander accompanies the tang of tomato to make this dish simple, yet irresistible. Traditionally served with chapati, rice and amti – it makes up for a complete meal.

Ingredients Required : 200g. AkkhaMasoor, 1 medium size tomato, 2 medium size onion, 1/2 bowl Oil (40ml), 1/2 bowl sliced dry coconut (approx 30g), 8-10 garlic. 1/2 inch ginger (4g) 25g Prakash Akkha Masoor Masala entire packet, 2 cup (500ml) water, salt to taste.

Method for preparation of Akkha Masoor:
1) Add Akkha Masoor and 1 cut onion in 500ml water pressure cook for 5-10min.
2) Make paste of garlic, ginger and coconut in mixer.
3) Heat oil in pan add pinch of hing and cumin, 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped tomato and prepared paste cook till oil separates, add 25g Prakash Akkha Masoor Masala entire packet cook for 1 min. and add pressure cook masoor and cook for 5-10 mins. with cover on low flame serve hot with roti, paratha, chapati or rice.

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