About Us

As Maharashtra evolves into a cultural potpourri, with people from across India and the world moving here, the Maharashtrian culture is now endorsed and celebrated globally. An integral part of this glorious culture is its nutritious mouth watering cuisine, with a legacy of flavours and recipes – engineered thoughtfully, for every season and occasion.

What truly entitles these timeless recipes of Maharashtra to a global acclaim are the assortment of spices and condiments that go into cooking. They are a good reflection of what the spirit of Maharashtrian ethos embodies. Maharashtrian spices are full of taste, full of health and full of life! They are a medley of sweet and sour, fiery and robust, bitter and tangy, sharp and savoury and many more. We here, at PKM Foods provide you with spices and condiments that give you the unique Maharashtrian taste at affordable prices!

What started over six decades ago with the vision of two people has now blossomed into a modern enterprise with a family of employees, distributors and retailers across Maharashtra. With the same passion and efforts, fuelled by your continued love and support, we will always keep bringing to you assal chav Maharashtra chi (the real taste of Maharashtra).


Enabling consumers to strengthen their cultural bonds by offering them innovative means to prepare authentic Maharashtrian cuisine.


In 1942, when Gyanoba Jadhav shifted from Kolhapur to Pune, the visitors to his house would relish the taste of delicacies prepared by his wife. The taste and flavours were so remarkable that for years together, guests would often ask for samples of her special spices.

In 1949, this enterprising couple began their journey with one of their special spices - kanda lasoon masala, thus laying the foundation of PKM Foods Pvt. Ltd. Back then, all processes were done manually. From cleaning the ingredients, processing the concoction to selling the mix, it would all be done with hands. But the taste and fame spread far and fast.

In 1952, the couple set up a shop at Mandai in between the vegetable and meat markets - much like their masalas, which add spice to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

The traditional way of processing was to continue until as late as the 1980s when their son introduced modern machinery. It has been a truly incredible journey from manual processing, in a single room house, to a modern enterprise with automated systems for processing and packaging. What has remained unchanged is the quality of our products and that unmistakable taste enjoyed by diehard PKM Foods lovers.

Dattatray Jadhav


In the year 1970, at the raw age of 19 years, Mr.Dattatray Jadhav took charge of the business from his father and the founder of Prakash Kolhapuri Masale, Gyanoba Jadhav. However, he was already a seasoned businessman then since he began his training as a child by attending customers in their own shop at Nehru Chowk, Pune which is the busiest market area of Pune. There he learnt attending customers, dealing with their questions and most importantly understanding their wants and needs.

Rahul Jadhav

Managing Director

In the mid 90s, Rahul Jadhav joined the business with passion and a vision. Today he handles product manufacturing, marketing communications and accounts. He is credited for introducing more variants in pickles like sweet mango, sweet lemon, garlic, amla and raw turmeric, which are popular among Maharashtrians as well as Non-Maharashtrians. He also introduced kanda lasoon masala, a variants of PKM mainstay.