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Kolhapuri Kanda Lasun Masala

Kanda Lasun i.e. Onion and Garlic masala is perhaps one of the most quintessential ingredients for many Maharashtrian recipes. Although pungent, strong and spicy in flavour, the way garlic is blended ..


A spicy dry chutney made from garlic (lasun) with a sprinkling of chilli, lasun chutney is one of the oldest, most popular and most authentic side dishes of the Maharashtrian cuisine.Ingredients:Cocon..

Mutton Rassa masala

Enjoyed by millions across Maharashtra, Mutton Rassa Masala is a spicy and filling delicacy, usually enjoyed with bhakris or chapati/phulkas. With Prakash's Mutton Rassa Masala made of spices like pep..

Special Mango

Prakash Special Mango is a special pickle that is excitingly sour with the right amount of spice and a hint of sweet. It goes very well with snacks like theplas, thalipeeth, dhoklas, poha, upma, parat..

Maharashtrian Garam Masala

Garam masala is traditionally olive green in colour with a rich, grainy texture. It has a distinct coriander dominant flavour, spicy & pungent. This spice goes well into both rice and vegetable/me..

Misal Rassa Masala

A highly popular breakfast in Maharashtra, Misal is enjoyed with pav (bread). Packed with proteins and an exciting spicy taste, it is preferred as a brunch by many. Believed to have originated in the ..


Made from peanuts (shengdana), this chutney combines a fiery mix of chilli, garlic and other condiments to create a mouth watering recipe that has won hearts of food lovers across the nation, and not ..

Chicken Rassa Masala

This tasty white meat delicacy from the kitchens of Maharashtra has multiple variations across different regions. But the one that is most sought after is the age old, authentic preparation made with ..

Chilly Powder

This famous Indian chilli powder is highly pungent and red coloured. It is made from fiery chillies comparable to cayenne pepper. It packs plenty of heat and is made keeping the Indian, especially Mah..


Made from niger seeds (karala), this dry chutney brings with it not only a dash of assal  Maharashtrian taste, but also many nutritional and medicinal benefits. A piece of bhakri is all you need ..

Special Chilly Lime

A perfect blend of hot and tangy, Prakash Special Chilly Lime is sure to give your palate the taste of excitement. The nutrients in lime and chilly add zest to your life and help keep your overall wel..

Mutton Biryani Masala

Spicy and grainy, it makes for a delicious biryani feast in half the time.  This is a zesty preparation — made with assorted spices, ginger and chilli powder. However, the amount of spices used i..

Special Mix

Prakash Special Mix Pickle, is a fine assortment of raw mangoes, limes and green chillies, mixed in the perfect proportions to electrify your meal. With Prakash Special Mix, you get the best of both w..

Turmeric Powder

With a rich golden-yellow colour and strong flavour, Turmeric Powder gives a bright hue to the dishes. Once it’s cooked in a preparation, it mellows the flavour, and adds nicely to the other component..

Akkha Masoor Masala

Masoor dal or whole brown lentils are a mildly spiced, thick, semi-dry preparation when made the Kolhapuri way. A mild aroma of coconut and coriander accompanies the tang of tomato to make this dish s..

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